Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy birthday, Juliette!

Today is a big day in Girl Scouting—not because it’s Halloween, but because it is Founder’s Day! Founder’s Day is such an exciting day for Girl Scouts for we celebrate the birthday of a revolutionary—a woman who had a dream for girls and women to succeed, and made her dream a reality, Juliette Gordon Low! 

In 1912, at a time when women in the United States couldn’t even vote yet, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, at 51 years old, gathered 18 girls in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, to start a new outdoor and educational program for girls –the Girl Scout Movement was born.
The girls played basketball, hiked, swam, camped –they learned how to explore the world around them, like studying foreign languages and telling time by the stars. Together, they believed they could do anything they set their minds to.

Juliette started with a dream and did whatever she could to make this world a better place for girls. Did you know that Juliette sold her precious pearls in order to start the first Girl Scout troop? That’s why we wear pearls every October 31 to commemorate her sacrifice to change the lives of girls and women for over 105 years.

Happy birthday, Juliette!

Yours in Girl Scouting, 

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