Friday, March 16, 2018

Girls make their voice heard at Lunch with your Legislator

Girls make their voice heard at Lunch with your Legislator

Yesterday, just some of our brightest and boldest Girl Scouts made their way to the State Capitol for our Lunch with your Legislator event. It was an amazing and inspirational day filled with engaging conversation about making the world a better place for girls, women, and all.

Girls started the day hearing from powerful female leaders in office about their roles. They also expressed the importance of having women in office creating policy and equal representation. Girls then had the chance to participate in a creative discussion about what can be done to ensure that women are safe and respected on college campuses. It was a great discussion—I was in awe at all of the incredible ideas and positive conversation. Girls then had lunch with their local legislators and discuss issues that they are passionate about or that affect their communities. We were also fortunate to hear from Girl Scout Juliette from Chester, who shared her Gold Award journey with the crowd. After lunch, we held a ceremony with Secretary of the State Denise Merrill and welcomed members to our Honorary Girl Scout Troop at the Capitol. At the end of the day, girls were able to get an exclusive tour of the Capitol! 

It was wonderful to see the girls in action and celebrate the power of every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader) during Girl Scout Week and the celebration of Girl Scouts’ 106th birthday! What better way to honor the power of girls than to make their voice heard?

Check out our Facebook album for the event!

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Monday, March 12, 2018

Happy 106 birthday, Girl Scouts!

Happy 106th birthday, Girl Scouts!

March 8 was International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, political potential, and achievements of women. It was also a day to spark conversation about how we still have ways to go to ensure equality among all.

Girl Scouts of Connecticut is part of a sisterhood of 2.6 million strong across the globe. In Connecticut, we have nearly 30,000 girls and over 13,000 adults who believe in the power of every girl and young woman. Today, Girl Scouts is 106 years young—106 years of being the leading expert on girls. On March 12, 1912, in Savannah, Georgia, when Juliette Gordon Low organized the very first Girl Scout troop, and every year since, we’ve honored her vision and legacy to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

When Juliette founded Girl Scouts, the role of women in this country was on the brink of dramatic change. Women did not have the right to vote yet, and organizations like the General Federation of Women and the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs were working to lead women into the next century. There were also countless efforts of reform regarding race, immigration, and civil rights. This was the state of our world when Juliette founded Girl Scouts; she was headstrong in giving every girl the opportunity to be a Girl Scout—something we continue to hold to this very day.

Girl Scouts is and remains to be, the one-of-a-kind leadership development program for girls, with proven results. From advocating for pay equity and fair treatment of women to bridging the gender gap in STEM and civil service, Girl Scouts are bold, visionaries, and confident leaders.

The need for female leadership has never been clearer or more urgent than today and Girl Scouts has the expertise to give girls and young women the tools they need to change the world. Happy International Women’s Day to all of the barrier-breaking, glass shattering girls and women in Connecticut and across the globe.

Don’t forget to wear your pearls today to celebrate 106 years of the best girl leadership organization in the world!

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Join us at "A Conversation with Martha Hall Kelly" author of "Lilac Girls!"

Friends of Girl Scouting, 

I wanted to share with you a super exciting event we are hosting in April: A Conversation with Martha Hall Kelly” –New York Times bestselling author of Lilac Girls. The event is at the New Haven Lawn Club and runs from 12:00-2:00 p.m. At our event, Martha will be interviewed by Diane Smith, Emmy award-winning TV and media personality, and will share her journey as a female author and what inspired her to write Lilac Girls.

Martha published Lilac Girls in April 2016, and it instantly fell on the NYT bestsellers list that week! Her novel is based on a true story of a New York Socialite and Connecticut resident, Caroline Ferriday. Caroline championed a group of concentration camp survivors known as the “Ravensbrück Rabbits” and brought them to her home in Bethlehem, Connecticut, for rehabilitation and a trip of a lifetime. That’s right—Connecticut! Who knew that this incredible event happened in our own state! 

Martha was inspired to write this novel when she visited Caroline’s home one day. She wanted to learn more about her instantly and learn about her life. Lilac Girls is a true story of compassion and sisterhood. Caroline was a risk-taker and took action to make our world a better place, like our Girl Scouts in Connecticut and across the globe do every single day. We are looking forward to learning more about Martha, and Caroline and her friends, on April 11.

Here’s how you can buy tickets and support and support this incredible event.

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Friday, February 9, 2018

Calling Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors! Join us at Lunch with your Legislator!

Our Girl Scouts are natural leaders—they find issues that they are passionate about and they go out into their communities and take action to make our world a better place. If you had the chance to meet and speak with your local legislator about positive change in your town, would you? Well, Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors have this exact opportunity at Lunch with your Legislator on March 15!

Lunch with your Legislator is an amazing opportunity for older girls to be in the building where everything happens—meeting impressive, successful female dignitaries and the chance to sit down with local legislators, have lunch, and talk about issues that matter. Girls also have the opportunity to an exclusive tour of the Capitol! What makes it even better is that this year, Lunch with your Legislator is held during Girl Scout Week—a week when we celebrate the anniversary of Girl Scouting. This year, we are celebrating 106 years of girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make our world a better place!

Girl Scouts at last year's Lunch with your Legislator focused
on advocating for pay equity!

Girls will also have the chance to make actual policy happen. This year’s topic looks at protecting women from harassment on campus and in the workplace. Come with your ideas, sit with powerful female and male legislators, and make your voice heard!

Hope to see you there. Here is how you can register.

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Friday, January 26, 2018

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time! Enter this contest and you can be on the next Girl Scout Cookie box!

It’s that time again! Girl Scouts are now out in their communities going door to door, reaching out via phone and email, using the Digital Cookie® platform, and more to be true Cookie Bosses this cookie season!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program® is the largest, girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world where girls learn five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. This year, we are excited to bring Girl Scout S’mores™ back—the most popular flavor to launch in the 101 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

We have something exciting to share this year—girls have the opportunity to show the world that she is a cookie-selling savvy by entering the Cookie Pro Contest!

This cookie season, six girls nationwide, one per Girl Scout level, will be named GSUSA’s Top Cookie Pro 2018 and get the chance to be featured on a Girl Scout Cookie box! All registered Girl Scout Cookie sellers can enter by completing their own Cookie Pro Resume Survey online and submitting it along with a photo. Learn more through this flyer and also by visiting

There is so much power behind the Girl Scout Cookie Program, and your support does so much for girls. Not only do you get delicious cookies, but you walk away knowing that you are fueling the pipeline for future women leaders. And, I’m sure you know that Girl Scouts is more than just cookies.

Only Girl Scouts brings the time-tested methods and research-backed programs that speak to the strengths of girl leadership development. Girl Scouts offers girls the ability to participate in hands-on, girl-led centered programming in STEM, the outdoors, entrepreneurship (like the cookie program), and abundant opportunities to develop invaluable life skills. Girl Scouts helps girls take the lead early and often.

So, what are you waiting for? Help support a girl and her dreams. Hungry customers can now order their Girl Scout Cookies to be delivered to them in March! If you don’t know a Girl Scout, head to and you will be connected with one to order your favorite cookies!

Yours in Girl Scouting, 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Competition for Girls

Valued friends of Girl Scouting,

I hope all of you are adjusting well to the New Year. I wanted to write a message and reach out to all of our volunteers, parents, members, and supporters to address the fact that we understand that one or more Boy Scout councils in our state are actively recruiting girls into Cub Scouts this month. Below, I have recorded a short video addressing this news and providing valuable information about why we believe that Girl Scouting is the best option for girls.

For over 100 years, Girl Scouts has continued to be the experts on girls, giving all girls access to an inclusive, safe, girl-led environment that helps them build the courage, confidence, and character they need to go out there and make our world a better place. We fuel the female leadership pipeline and provide them the best girl leadership experience in the world, period. In Girl Scouts, girls make lifelong friends, make lasting memories, try new things, develop a range of skills, take on leadership roles, and feel comfortable failing, dusting themselves off, and trying again. Girl Scouting works!

Thank you for watching, and thank you for all that you do for Girl Scouting in Connecticut. 

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Looking forward to inspiring more G.I.R.L.s in the new year!

In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to personally thank all of those who make Girl Scouting possible for the 30,000 Girl Scouts in Connecticut. From our hardworking volunteers and parents who bring Girl Scouting to each girl to our incredible donors and supporters: Thank you!! You know that you are fueling the pipeline of future women leaders who will work for a better world for us all.

Girl Scouts provides the best leadership experiences for girls. At Girl Scouts, girls have the opportunity to leave the academic and social pressures of school and enter a safe, all-girl environment where they aren’t afraid to take the lead or raise their hand. Girl Scouts is and remains to be, the longest-standing, one-of-a-kind leadership development program for girls, with proven results.

From the age of 5 to 17, girls develop into successful, confident, and civic-minded adults who strive to make lasting change in their communities. From earning patches and badges to earning the highest awards in Girl Scouting: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, our girls are out in their communities tackling issues that matter, and making a sustainable impact. Since 2007, over 600 Girl Scouts in Connecticut have earned the highest honor—the Gold Award—and nationally, only six percent of Girl Scouts have earned this highest honor. In Connecticut, our girls launch “Go Green!” programs in their schools; they build free little pantries for those in need; they travel to Uganda and build a pre-school program for children and families; and most importantly, they learn that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

With over 100 years of experience, Girl Scouts is the best choice for girls. We offer outdoor adventure and activities for girls with a number of our properties across the state, including seven day camps and one resident camp. We recently introduced 23 new STEM and outdoor badges, and provide programming in robotics, rocketry, and programming. Every girl is unique and special, and Girl Scouts provides them programming so they can thrive, reach their personal potentials, and hold up half the sky.

And they can only hold up half the sky by experiencing state-of-the-art, time-tested programming like Girl Scouts. Single-gender learning works and gives girls the opportunity to try things that might scare them if they were in a classroom with boys, like STEM or leadership roles. With Girl Scouts, there are no boundaries—just a sisterhood of your best friends in the entire world and caring role models who will guide you every step of the way.

The need for female leadership is urgent, and Girl Scouts offers girls and young women the tools they need to succeed. Join us again in 2018 as we empower every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) to take the Lead like a Girl Scout. To learn more, visit Happy Holidays!